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We offer home decor, apparel, beaded products, ceramics and other handcrafts, each handmade in the Mayan Highlands of Guatemala. Purchase here online or reach out to us personally to see more choices of the same products in our fast revolving wholesale/retail inventory.

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Because we take no income from the business, we are able to offer customers lower prices while paying suppliers and our buyers very fairly. Our goal is to create markets in the U.S. for handmade Guatemalan products, thereby improving economic security for the artisans who make them. We prioritize the volume of sales over profits to maximize the impact. Any profits that are generated are returned to Guatemala to provide educational opportunities for children and young adults. We delight in watching recipients of our scholarships blossom with hopes and aspirations engendered by the opportunity to pursue an education that gives them a chance for a more fulfilling life and economically secure future.

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We started our business in 2019 with the mission to provide hope and opportunity to Elsa Ortiz and her family in Guatemala. In 2018, Elsa tried to immigrate to the U.S. with her 8-year-old son Antony. They crossed the border in Texas and were arrested by Border Patrol. A few days later, immigration agents entered their cell and told Elsa to get Tony’s shoes. When she turned around with the shoes Tony was gone. Elsa was then deported to Guatemala, handcuffed and with shackles on her legs, not knowing if she would ever see him again. We read this story in the New York Times just four days before we were to meet our son in Guatemala for a first-time vacation in Guatemala. Within 24 hours we found a lawyer who took the case pro-bono. Using social media, we found a translator and were able to locate Elsa in Guatemala. We brought her legal papers to sign and 81 days later the lawyer returned her son to her at the Guatemala airport. During that time we got to know Elsa and became aware that she had no hope and no opportunity to better her life. We started our wholesale/retail business in Albuquerque, NM to create a job for her in Guatemala as our buyer. Elsa would buy handmade Mayan products and we would sell them in the U.S. We named our company after Elsa. Four years later Elsa and Tony, and others who had children taken from them at the border, were granted humanitarian visas by the U.S. government. Elsa and Tony are now living, working, and studying happily in Virginia. We continue to support a second buyer and to grow our business to expand its capacity to spread hope and opportunity to others in Guatemala.

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